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Jennie Reed

Olympic Silver Medalist, Keirin World Champion, 3X Olympian, Cycling Coach and Mom

From keynote addresses to appearances at prominent youth organizations, Jennie is an engaging and inspiring speaker. She has been hired by organizations like Lifewise Healthplan of Washington and American Family Insurance, and addressed audiences ranging from bike fanatics and athletes to business execs and CEO’s. Jennie’s speeches contain stories and valuable lessons learned during a career that spans 15 years as the top U.S. female track sprinter competing at the World Class level. She is a captivating speaker with a powerful story who is capable of inspiring men, women, kids and executives alike.


2012 Olympic Silver Medalist
2008 Keirin World Champion
3x Olympian (2004 Sydney, 2008 Beijing and 2012 London)
30+ International Track Cycling Medals
14x U.S. Elite National Champion (Sprint, Keirin, Team Pursuit, Team Sprint, & 500M)
Jennie Reed has been defying odds her entire life. As a young cyclist, she was often told she didn’t have the right physiology nor the mental tenacity to compete at the World-class level. In the words of her critics, she was “too big to succeed as an endurance cyclist and not explosive enough to be a world-class sprinter.”

Even at a young age she knew she was capable of more. Driven by an innate desire to win, Reed took the negative feedback, developed a rock-solid work ethic and found motivation to fuel her Olympic and World-class dreams.

Although most coaches said she was past her prime, at age 30 Reed delivered the ride of her life, decisively winning the Keirin World Championship in Manchester, England. Four years later, after coming out of retirement — literally off the couch — she joined a team of ambitious American women in their bid for a medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

No one had ever made the profound leap from World Champion in a sprint discipline to Olympic medalist in an endurance event. Talk about silencing the critics!

A little backstory: after placing 7th in the Sprint at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Jennie retired from the sport of cycling. She had won a UCI World Championship earlier that year in her choice event—a grudge match on two wheels called the Keirin. By the end of the 2008 Olympic cycle, Reed felt she had nothing left to give—or prove. She was proud of her 15-year career as a sprint athlete. It was time for her to discover a life outside of sport.

Fast forward a year later and a call from fellow Olympian, multiple World Champion and friend Sarah Hammer changed Reed’s life forever. While Jennie was home in the Pacific Northwest cruising Seattle’s famous bike trails, Hammer was knocking out efforts with laser-like focus on winning gold in the Individual Pursuit at the next Olympic games in London.

There was one glitch, however. In a move to create gender parity across disciplines, Hammer’s beloved Individual Pursuit was removed from the 2012 Olympic program and replaced with the Team Pursuit—an endurance race between teams of 3 women riding in a paceline over 3 grueling kilometers. The event would make its’ debut in London.

“We need your power Jennie,” Hammer said.

Sarah Hammer needed teammates.

Indeed. Reed was the missing link. It was Jennie’s power and wealth of experience that propelled the U.S. Women’s Team Pursuit team to victory against Australia in their storybook semi-final ride in London, earning the ladies the chance to race against the indomitable British women in the gold medal round.

Hard Work. Discipline. Dedication. Persistence. Preparation and Belief.

These are the characteristics that define Jennie Reed’s career. She’s passionate about sharing what she’s learned through the years developing these qualities in the pursuit of excellence.

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Jennie Reed’s journey from aspiring kid to world-class sprinter to Olympic Silver Medalist in the Team Pursuit is nothing short of extraordinary. Reed can entertain, educate and inspire audiences with topics that include:

  • Overcoming Adversity: What it takes to Rise to the Occassion
  • BELIEVE in Yourself: Define your own pathway to success
  • Stereotypes: Breaking down barriers, defying the odds
  • TEAM + work = Success

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