Jennifer Wheeler

USA Elite National Championships (4th Place, 3km IP)

Master’s World Championship Silver Medalist (3km Individual Pursuit)

“Jennie takes a hands-on approach to coaching. She looks at your individual strengths and weaknesses and then provides a detailed, customized plan to get you to where you want to go. This approach in combination with her vast experience, technical expertise, and 1:1 coaching sessions helped me reach new levels of power, strength and speed in cycling.”

Wesley Pierce

2x USA Master’s National Champion (1km Time Trial & Sprint)

Master’s World Championship Silver Medalist (Sprint)

“Working with Jennie Reed and Jennie Reed Racing has been the highlight of my athletic career.  She has an incredible instinct for track racing and the training needed to achieve your goals. Her approach is relaxed, but designed to push you right to your limits and beyond. I received training programs designed just for me, targeting my highly specific goals and responsive to both my skills and limitations. Having Jennie in my corner inspired me and allowed me to have a sense of calm and confidence with training and racing. Her skill at bringing me to peak fitness for my season goals was so precise, we hit the bullseye every time. I couldn’t imagine targeting nationals or worlds without her guidance. Investing in her help was worth every penny!”

Linsey Hamilton

2x Master’s World Championship Bronze Medalist (Sprint, Scratch)

“I started training with Jennie just as I aged into master’s racing. From our first phone conversation, she believed wholeheartedly that I could get faster on the bike. Jennie’s confidence was empowering. Together we crafted massive goals; and then Jennie laid out the path to get me there. Jennie shares her expertise from the bike, the gym and the balance of life to create training plans that are both goal-driven and fit my life as a working adult. While I’m still training with Jennie toward my ultimate dream goal; I’ve become stronger, set personal bests, improved tactically and had a lot of fun along the way!”

Tom Donohue

Master’s World Championship Silver Medalist (500m TT)

2x Master’s World Championship Bronze Medalist (Sprint & 500m TT)

“I started working with Jennie as a master in the 50-54 age group. I figured she could help me sustain my speed and fitness. To my surprise I continued to improve and am now faster than I’ve ever been. To me, Jennie’s most impressive skill is in planning for major competition. By monitoring my progress, recovery and motivation, she’s been able to help me get the most out of my target events. As a result, I have set new personal records at State, National and World competitions. In most cases, I exceeded the goals I set for myself. Jennie clearly understands how each athlete is different. She creates training that is tailored to my specific needs and listens to my feedback to adjust the plan as needed. I suffered an injury a couple years ago and thought my season was over. Jennie encouraged me to continue training and made the necessary adjustments. Later that year, I earned Bronze in the Match Sprint and Silver in the 500m TT at the World Championships in Manchester. I highly recommend Jennie Reed as a premier track cycling coach for athletes of all levels. “

Anissa Cobb

USA Elite National Championships Silver Medalist (500m TT)

3x Elite National Championships Medalist (Team Sprint)

“I know I am not always the easiest athlete to work with. Jennie is great at coming up with a program that fits my schedule that is always changing. Her programs are so well thought out and clearly made specific to me so that I can get the most out of my training with the time I have available. She has been my best cheerleader, life coach, friend and voice of reason. Her personal experience as a champion track cyclist gives her the ability to easily relate to whatever I may be feeling mentally and physically. I can’t think of anyone I would want to work with more than Jennie. I want to thank Jennie and Jennie Reed Racing for all your hard work and dedication.”

Jane Stricker

Master’s World Championship Bronze Medalist (2km Individual Pursuit)

2x USA Masters National Championships Bronze Medalist (Sprint & 500m TT)

“When I started working with Jennie Reed I was a 45 year-old social cyclist who had recently found the local velodrome. Two years later I was competing at national and world levels, and in 2015 I earned a bronze medal at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships. The greatest benefit of working with Jennie is her focus on developing a training plan designed just for me—within the context of my career and family obligations, and with a level of structure and organization that keeps me continually on track. I don’t have to think about which workout or efforts I should be doing—I just execute her plan and the success follows. Jennie’s unmatched level of experience and knowledge, attention to detail, and continuous and timely feedback over the last few years have prepared me for every level of cycling competition. She truly is the best.”


2x USA Master’s National Sprint Champion

Master’s World Championships (4th Scratch Race)

“Jennie Reed is the real deal! She combines an Olympic racing and training background with a deep understanding of how to motivate and inspire you to dig deeper, dream bigger and reach higher. As a Master’s athlete with a lot of responsibilities outside of cycling, Jennie was nonetheless able to create a training plan that worked with my schedule and helped me achieve big results. Thanks Jennie Reed for believing in me and helping me believe in myself!”

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