Athlete Interview: Elspeth Huyett

Jan 7, 2020

How did you get into the sport of cycling?

I grew up right outside of Trexlertown, PA which is the home of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. My family had always been riding. When I was growing up we had two tandems, one piloted by my mom and one piloted by my dad, and we would go on charity rides.

I wasn’t very competitive or good at bikes – I rode in to a lot of stationary objects, haha! My brother took part in the Air Products community programs at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center and the started competing on Tuesday nights. On Tuesdays, juniors would win $5 or ice cream and I got a little jealous and I figured if he could do it, I could do it. Long story short, I ended up being pretty good at track racing and here we are 15 years later!

Who inspired you the most when you first started or did you have a sports idol?

I’ve been very lucky to grow up near the Valley Preferred Cycling Center! We’ve had so many Olympians and World Champions pass through on their way to their next goals.

To be honest, I’ve always looked up to Jennie and Tela! They both came to T-Town to race at different points in my career and I was always impressed with their abilities to race sprint and endurance events, and the smart, sharp tactics that they employed to pull off impressive results!

What are you most excited about achieving this coming season?  

I’m really excited about building on my progress from last season. I saw some really big gains in 2019, and I’m already training at a way higher level than I was at this point last year. Coming in to 2020 with more fitness and most of all, confidence, I think I’ll be able to pull off some really exciting results at Elite Track Nationals and the Marymoor GP!

Last year was my best year by far, and I’m so excited to see what I can do next!

What gets you through some of the hardest training sessions in the off-season (or in-season if the interview is in-season)?

One of my first coaches told me that “If it hurts for you, it hurts for everyone.” I keep that in mind when I am really suffering and take comfort in knowing that the only way to get better is to get through the hard workouts, and everyone is suffering through this time of year, too.

Do you have a special meal that you eat the night before a big race?

I’m a big fan of Banza chickpea pasta and chicken sausage. It’s high protein, whole foods, and just delicious!

What helps you get through a disappointing race?

I had a few disappointing races in 2019 during a block of UCI Racing in T-Town. The level was just so high and I couldn’t seem to get to where I wanted to be. I just try to remember that every race is a stepping stone to get to the next level. One of the things that I talked about with Tela a lot, is that every time we level up in fitness we kind of need to relearn how to use that fitness to the best of our abilities. There are always some good take aways and all the rough days are worth it when you have that day when it all comes together!

Why did you choose Jennie Reed Racing for your coaching?

I chose Jennie Reed Racing for my coaching because I always looked up to Jennie and Tela and I felt like they both had qualities that were consistent with the type of rider I am – they both have endurance and have been successful in events like the omnium, but they also have amazing sprints! I’ve loved the past year with Jennie Reed Racing and have accomplished more than I ever thought I could — and it’s just the beginning! Tela and Jennie are both invested in me as an athlete, and as a person, which has helped me balance full-time work and elite level racing. I’ve said this to so many people, but picking Jennie Reed Racing was one of my best life decisions. Outside of the results, Jennie and Tela have helped me be a more positive and confident person.